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The train hadn't stopped again after picking her up. So everyone had already been on when she got there. The idea of heading through the train and finishing off her few remaining classmates was one idea, but in the end, another jolt of pain from her injured leg made sitting on one of the nearby bunks a better option.

The train was familiar of course. Not only was it the train they had been on before all this bullshit went down, but it was also where she had fought off psycho bitch Lena. Not this car though. There weren't any signs of the bloodstains that were no doubt in the carpet from her necessary response with her arrows.

She sat there waiting for her leg to ease up so she could move on. The sawed off shotgun was in her grip. If anyone came in she would fire. There was no sense in letting one of them get the best of her now. Just because her leg was torturing her didn't mean she was going to lay down and die.

She had come too far for that.
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