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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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Renee entered the train with as much caution as possible. She raised her MP5 into a steady position in front of her, so she could easily train the gun on anything in case something happened. The last thing she needed now was to get killed as soon as she got on the train. After checking that the car she was on didn't have any people in it, she allowed herself to relax a little and take a seat.

The door had shut after her and the train continued to chug. It stopped only once in its route around the Ghost Town, which meant that two others had already been on the train before Renee. Now, all four of them were onboard. The only question at this point was, when was the shooting and the killing going to start?

She stared out the window for a few moments, just watching the surroundings blur past.

She sighed and rubbed her forehead. What she had to now was find Katie. She had a message to give to her after all. Amelia couldn't give the message herself, so Renee would have to do it for her.

She stood up and opened the door to the next car. Empty. Renee had the brief thought to scroung around for supplies, but she kicked that aside. This was the grand finale, now. No more need for scavenging or looting bodies.

Yeah, just killing. Or did you forget that Rebecca and Leo were on this train, too?

Renee kicked that thought aside, too.

Renee held her gun close to her, almost hugging it. She opened the door to next car and pointed her gun through it, prepared to shoot if it was anyone hostile.

Katie and Leo were behind the door.


This was uncomfortable. Still, Renee wasn't exactly sure of their current situation, so she had to be cautious at the very least.

"Katie, Leo," Renee breathed out, still somewhat aiming the gun, but not at anyone in particular. She didn't know what to say. Usually, she'd have some idea of what to say, but she didn't want a repeat of what happened with Sam in the saloon. He was full of suspicion and distrust at the time. She could feel it. But he still died for her.

"Um... what's up?"

Another stupid line courtesy of Renee Murphy. I swear this turned into a gag.
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