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Don't ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
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Hearing Katie laugh at his joke startled him into laughing along. It had felt like so long since he had heard it, or even had it himself, but it felt so good. When he finally stopped giggling he looked at the ground and sighed. Not knowing what to say he took a look at both ends of the car.

Since Rebecca and Renee were both on life was likely going back to Hell at any time.

Keeping the smile on his face Leo did the only thing he could think to do, and waited for it. In the forms gunpowder screams, or a Molotov's blood burning everyone alive.

All he could hope that he died quickly if at all, but thoughts of death still unnerved him and made him shift. As if trying to find a comfortable place in his thoughts to stay, but there seemed to be no such place.

Trying to lean more into the wall Leo slowly went from waiting for the end to almost begging it to just burst in already.

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