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The engine began roaring once more.

Katie felt herself grow more and more tense as she took everything in. The engine going around her, the outside whizzing past the window, the seats, everything.

It was almost surreal. With each second it reminded her of how she got here. How they got here. If she wanted to, she could probably find an approximate to where she was sitting when they... you know. She found herself remembering what she was doing then again. She barely even remembered anymore. Amelia?

She took a deep breath.

As she looked around her further, it seemed further as if the Sheriff was mocking them. "Here, we could easily let you escape, but we won't and instead will make you fight on the thing we abducted you on!" And that's what she hated. He was laughing at them, so much. Seriously, she hoped he got to feel the exact amount of pain each and everyone person had felt, very soon. Even if he didn't live before that happened, she hoped that he would suffer in hell, being licked by the flames and knowing how many people he caused pain, to cry, to die, to...

She exhaled.

She had to deal with Rebecca. Renee was fairly innocent, she was sure, but Rebecca? Rebecca had to be stopped. Her and the Sheriff.

And yet...

Katie couldn't allow herself to be sure again.

As she stood on the moving train, feeling it bump underneath her, Leo spoke.

Did they leave the food cart for the ride home?

Did they leave the food cart.

Food. Cart.

It was strangely grim. It would take only a miracle for more than one person to survive and make it home. And yet... food cart. She imagined fighting by throwing an open bag of Cheetos' Puffs at Rebecca, spilling orange powder all over her.

It was...

In spite of herself, Katie felt her lips curl into a smile, and then she laughed.

It had been the first time in a while since she found anything funny. Katie hadn't been sure if that was even possible. But in the face of danger, she laughed at food carts.

What a world.

Two times the train stopped. Presumably, that was for Rebecca and Renee. Any second now they'd show up. And then? She didn't know.
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