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(Rebecca Clark continued from Blood Bargain)

Her attempts to whittle down the competition more had been in vain. She had found no one. All the buildings she had entered were empty. It was eerily quiet and she thought she even saw a tumbleweed go by. To top it all off, her leg still seemed to be trying to kill her, resulting in frequent stops to rest. Hell, if she had to run she was probably screwed.

So she'd be relying on her sawed off more than her body. Fine. She could deal with it. She was falling apart anyway, shot leg, shot hip, ripped earlobe, bruises all over. Yeah, she had to finish things soon, or she'd be the one ending, and she didn't get this much blood on her hands to die now.

But then the announcement came. Four left. One accident, two of her own kills. Apparently the others weren't so up on killing. Apparently she was like a rabid dog, which she found a bit confusing, why insult her when she did exactly what he had told the whole class to do? It was pretty assholish in her opinion. Maybe she'd save a shell or an arrow for him and teach him who the "rabid dog" was.

The others left had other jabs. Katie, one of her best friends, was alive, but apparently had failed at her goal. Leo was something of a threat with two kills, although compared to her eleven that was small, but he probably wasn't as beat up as her, so did that even out? It might. And then there was fucking Renee. Leg shooter. Apparently she had hid behind others the whole time. Huh, well she hadn't fought for the right to be there, so maybe she would just have to teach her what that wound felt like, the bruises, knowing that everyone wants to kill you...

No. She had to focus on survival, but if she got the chance...

She paid attention again. A train would be picking them up. She made her way to the nearest set of tracks and waited. The train soon arrived and she boarded. The quiver was over her shoulder and the shotgun was in her hands. Like it or not, this was the end.
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