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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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(Renee Murphy continued from Still Red)

Cameo and Brian were dead, along with Sam. Predictably, Rebecca had killed Brian. There were only four left and Renee was surprised to find that she was one of them. The last four children from the Alderbrook Class of 2013.

Rebecca. No surprise there.

Katie and Leo were the other two.

Renee hadn't heard anything about Katie since she got there. From what the Sheriff said, Katie was trying to get rid of the bad guys. That was good. At least they had a common motive. Leo, though... Renee didn't know what to think. He killed Delilah and Holly, but Renee wasn't sure what to make of that. Still, she remembered seeing Delilah's dead eyes and hearing Sam's agonized cries. Leo caused that. Or maybe it was Delilah's fault all along?

She shook her head and shuddered. Renee wondered how she even got this far. The Sheriff answered that question, though, saying that she'd finally run out of people to hide behind.

"What's left, Ms. Murphy? Can you actually walk the walk and get out of here?"

Hah. I guess we'll find out soon enough, eh?

Renee stood idly by the tracks and waited for the train that the Sheriff said would come. It came into view in a couple of minutes. It was the same train that they were on. The same train that had been hijacked and where the whole class had been gassed. Naturally. What other train would he have been talking about?

The train stopped right in front of her, grinding to a halt as the wheels stopped chugging. A door flew open, awaiting Renee. She stared at the open door for quite a while, for no particular reason. Maybe she was just trying to hold the end off for a few more minutes. But she had a feeling that things were going to go sour no matter how long she waited. She drew a breath in.

"Well, now or never, right?" she said quietly. She climbed aboard, hoping to God that she wasn't just walking to her death. Sam wouldn't want that, after all. And he died protecting her. That must count for something now.
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