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((Leo Raclaw continued from This Too Will Pass))

This was gonna be bad. It seemed obvious enough not to need thinking, but it was the only thing Leo had in mind when the announcement ended. Could it be any worse than the fire where he had to kill Holly? He really hoped it couldn't get worse than that, but any idiot familiar with history knew humans were capable of much worse than this.

He really wished he had the motivation to properly treat his wound, but it didn't seem to matter. He was going to die unless everyone else slipped on convenient banana peels on the train. Looking at the sword he sighed. The tip of the blade was in the ground as he listlessly bent it. Losing himself for a few moments he started when the train stopped in front of Katie and himself.

Following her onto the train he wondered if they were gonna be shipped back to civilization. Rebecca and himself would have to answer for their crimes, and Katie and Renee would have to live with this.

Kind of sad that was the best way for this to end, but c'est la vie.

Walking in a few paces Leo leaned against the car wall, looked at Katie, and said with a soft grin on his face,

"So, you think they kept the food cart for the ride home?"

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