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The girl paused for a bit, and Dougal could recall a name. April Stone. He also recognized the object she held in her hand and was now pointing at him. It was a gun. He wanted to say something, to yell at her to put it down, to try to talk some sense into her, but the words wouldn't leave his mouth. He could only move his mouth, like a fish, his jaw dangling up and down.

He felt a flash of relief when the gun lowered. Maybe she was willing to talk...

Wait... is she cryi-

The sound that erupted in his ears in the next moment caught him off guard. He first noticed something was wrong when felt his torso become wet. He looked down to see a red stain on his shirt. He put two and two together instantly.

Oh, god... she, she fucking shot me!

Then came the pain. Slowly at first, but soon overwhelming. The pain assaulted him in waves, and he couldn't concentrate on anything else.

"W-Why..." he half-whispered.

He had to get out of here. He had to run. He took his first step down, clutching his stomach with his left hand.

He'd only made it down one rung before his feet, uncoordinated now due to the pain, missed a step, and with one arm busy holding his stomach he couldn't locate another rung in time. He found himself plummeting, toward the jungle floor.

As his body fell, as he felt the wind fly up and hit him in the face, as the ground quickly rushed towards him, his head only contained one thought.


B02 - Augustus "Dougal" MacDougal: DECEASED

Second Chances V2:
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