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April shuffled on her knees and let go of the breath she had been holding, though she kept her eyes squeezed tight. The sound became the only thing April could focus on, the terrifying crescendo in time with the pounding in her head and tightening chest that served to tell her she wasn’t quite as safe as she thought she was. Idiot, she repeated in her head. How could you have missed it? How could she have thought she was safe in the tower? Sure, she was safe as long as she stayed up there, but there was only one way down. With most of her food gone, April knew she wouldn’t last an hour under siege. For all her talk of getting cornered, April had done a terrific job cornering herself.

The noise suddenly, finally stopped, and April opened her eyes. Augustus McDougal, she remembered. The boy she had shot at in the forest, when she had first stumbled out of the darkness, concussed and terrified. The pounding in her head continued, and everything she wanted gone had been dragged back into light. He mumbled, and April stared him dead in the eyes. What had happened to the girl he was with? April recalled hearing her name on the announcements. Paige had killed her. Which meant that Dougal had either sat there and watched, or he had ran.

She wanted to shoot him. She wanted to get off the island. She wanted to go home, live her senior year in relative peace, and go on to college, work a menial job, and then die a boring death from natural causes at 119 surrounded by her great-great-grandchildren. But she knew from the second she stepped on the island that it was a one-way trip.

Her hands began to shake, so she lowered her gun. She tried to say something poignant or meaningful, like whispering ‘I’m so sorry’, but the words wouldn’t come out. The best she could manage was the tears welling at the corners of her eyes, and even as they fell down her cheeks, they felt fake. Wasn't the second kill supposed to be easier?

She blinked once, and fired her gun at the boy’s stomach. Justification would come later, she imagined, but for now she felt like shit.
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