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Paige thought she was only hit in the legs. Turns out that one bullet hit her near her hip. She found it tough to move, and was soon clutching her side. She had fucked up big, and now she was practically crippled.

Jennifer was talking again, discussing conviction and pragmatism. Paige couldn't believe that the psycho was completely correct. Paige declared that she would survive the game. She stood by and watched Craig and Maria get shot. She killed Aileen in the hopes of getting off the helipad. But she didn't finish Jennifer off. She let Tim attempt that, and it didn't work. She should have put a bullet in Jennifer's head, and now she was going to die.

Goodbye Miss Strand. You will be... missed.

Paige turned and saw the barrel of the gun pointing at her. Her eyes widened.


Paige felt the bullet enter her gut. It burned. She could feel herself getting weak. She couldn't believe she was actually dying.

Not yet. Need to try to kill her.

Paige then realized that Jennifer was lying on the ground. Paige probably couldn't shoot her and kill her now, and she was too weak to stab her with the machete. That's when she noticed something gold in the dirt. It fell out of Paige's bag when she dropped to the ground. It was that tube of lipstick that she found on the first day.

Paige picked the lipstick up and tossed it at Jennifer. The tube landed on Jennifer's chest.

"Make yourself look pretty," Paige weakly said. "You need to look great when you're sitting on the electric chair."

Paige then reached for the bag again and found Craig's sketchpad. Some specks of blood were on it. She weakly tossed it at Jennifer, watching it land near her.

"Carry it, just like Tim's hat.'

Paige then rolled onto her side. She wasn't going to spend her last moments looking at the bitch who killed her. The sea was a nicer view. Despite everything that just happened, it looked very nice.

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