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Jennifer gave a sigh of relief. She was still in immense pain, but it looks like Paige would be too. Judging from the fall, one of her shots must have hit her in the leg. "Leg for a leg bitch." Jennifer laughed and rolled onto her back. The sun stared back at her, warming her body. Even lying on the sand bleeding, she knew she would live.

She would make sure that Paige wouldn't.

"As I explained to Tim, there's a difference between conviction and pragmatism. One involves taking advantage of given situations, what you did. Another involves following through on one's actions to the end. What I'm about to do. I am the unfettered, there is nothing tying me down. My only goal is to win, and I will do whatever it takes to do so. That's why even if you hit me, you can't kill me Paige. I WIN. You lose."

She raised her torso slightly to get a better look at her opponent before the girl expired. It was almost sad, how close Paige came to killing Jen. But that happens when one doesn't have the conviction to carry through regardless of circumstance, Jen mused. "Goodbye Miss Strand. You will be... missed."


With that, Jennifer lay back down in the sand, and started laughing her head off. Surely she'd have to tend to her wounds, but all she could do now was laugh at the reversal of fortune that just occurred.
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