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*Katya wheeze*
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Paige finally moved away from the water. It felt nice, but her feet were beginning to get a little cold. Plus, the bandage was coming off her toe, so she would have to dry her feet and put a new one on.

"Can't be distracted too long," she muttered to herself.

Paige began to make her way back to her pack. As she got closer, something moved out of the corner of her eye. She quickly held the Beretta up and pointed it at the movement. Her eyes widened.


Of course she would run into that bitch again. She found some solace on the beach, and now this confirmed psychopath was here. Paige kept the gun trained on Jennifer and moved towards the jungle.

"Don't move, bitch!" she shouted.

She hoped that would make Jennifer stop moving. She could easily shoot Jennifer then and there, since she probably had the surprise advantage. But hey, why not try to be the one in control this time?

"Listen up. I want you to toss everything you have into the ocean. Do that, and you can walk away with your life intact. If I so much as suspect you plan to throw sand in my eyes, I will blow your brains out."

Paige felt the gun shake in her hands. Why was she so scared? She knew Jennifer wouldn't try to shoot her if Paige began to fire at her, as the incident yesterday proved. Still, Jennifer was dangerous, and she needed to be certain of that. That's when she noticed that Jennifer was wearing Timothy's glasses and hat.

"So, you killed Tim. Tell me, did he hesitate?"
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