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((Katie Tanaka continued from This Too Will Pass))

"Howdy, y'all. It's only the four of you left now, so lemme give you the news on what's happened since last time."

Katie snapped out of her stupor.

She had been sitting out on the front porch of one of the houses, hand rested on her chin and her legs crossed. Katie had been lost in thought, and the announcement rudely interrupted her.

Jacqueline did indeed drown. Brian and Samuel were gone, too, having been shot by Rebecca. There seemed no more. Only four left now.

Katie could only feel numb at these news. It slid from one ear and into another, like liquid silver. Her eyes still tired, wary.

He started talking about Rebecca, comparing her to a dog. A rabid dog, who killed a rabbit. Katie made a small face at this.

It got worse when he started talking about her. And that's when Katie tensed up. Gee, rub it in her face some more, why don't you? Her hand dropped from her chin, and suddenly, she felt a tension coming up, as if she was going to start screaming then and there. How...

She suddenly stood up on the porch, and only gave a small, but very venomous look.

She felt like finding out who this was and punching him in the face repeatedly. She could almost imagine the blood flying off her fists as she kept punching some cowboy until it was barely recognizable as a human being. She was that angry.

Katie calmed down. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to get riled up about that.

He talked a bit about Leo, calling him "lucky" for being around three girls.

And finally, Renee.


Renee was still alive.

Katie wasn't sure how she felt about meeting her, especially when they and the other two were supposed to fight to death very soon. It even made her a little nervous about Leo. Who was to say either one of them would do something... you know? And that's not even going into Rebecca.

She wasn't even sure if she could go through with her plan and do it. Rebecca was a menace, certainly. But she could still remember Jacqueline, and how upset she was over her and Benny's plan to kill Simon, how she met him, how he felt threatened by Sycanus. It was like going through Jacqueline all over again. Rebecca would do something or something that happened would remind her that she used to be a normal girl.

And she didn't want that. She wanted to kill the murderer, not Rebecca, the drama technician who was one of her classmates.

The summaries stopped, and started with a mention of-

Did he just mention a train?

Now he was really mocking them. He could take them home if he wanted to, and now he was using a train, just like how he... yeah. Abducted them.

It was kind of funny really. Katie had always fantasized about fighting on a train like in an old Western. But here she was, about to fight on a train. This was it. The last stand-off. Just the four of them, and only one was supposed to make it.

Katie didn't know how to feel about that one either. If she had her way, there would be no killing involved, unless maybe of Rebecca.

Within a few minutes, a train had appeared on the tracks nearby, waiting for the four to get on. Katie could only sigh, as the doors opened for her and Leo.

This was it, then.

"C'mon Leo. Let's go."

She limped towards the open door, Benny's gun in hand. At that point, she had just realized she hadn't checked to see how many bullets were left inside it. And now was a bad time to realize that.

As she stepped inside, she felt something stir inside her.

It looked exactly like the train they had been on to begin with. She didn't even remember where they were supposed to be going at the time, but wherever it was, it was better than here.

Anywhere was better than here.
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