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otp (art by Kotorikun)
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((G06: Janet Claymont; Start))


Janet, to put it simply, wasn’t thrilled about the situation.


“Come on Janet, let’s drive. Screw the bus.”

“Save your gas money Chadd, it’s like an hour tops.”

The two love birds hadn’t agreed on the best way to get to the school trip on that day: Chadd, as always, wanted to drive there and stretch a few speed limits on the way, whilst Janet did not. The two always had fun on their drives, laughing and thrill seeking, except for when they were arguing over stupid petty things. On that day, Janet was being petty.

“Look, I’m taking the bus okay? Come with me if you want.” She said with the last word, before walking up on to the bus and refusing to look back. Chadd had not followed, waving her off and heading to his car.

It was a very good thing for Chadd that Janet could be petty.


Thanks to her very mature and level headed argument with her boyfriend, she was now going to die in probably a very explosive and painful manner like that retard who couldn’t keep his mouth shut, Kiel. Wasn’t life grand?

She’d ended at the local mall, or whatever passed for a mall when it came to terrorists. Every store looked like it’d been looted already, empty display windows and not a crowd in sight, nothing like the malls back home, nothing good to buy here.

“Fucking bastard!” she screamed again. “Could’ve driven, I could’ve taken his fucking offer, but I had to the take the fucking bus! Get in one little fight and I end up with a fucking bomb around my neck! How's that fucking fair?!”

She had already looted her day pack, the wrench she’d been assigned balanced in her grip. When she’d woken up, she had been confused, scared, terrified. It had taken her a while to actually stop huddling into her knees and notice the terrorists gift of a daypack, and even longer to open it up with shaking hands. Finding just the wrench as her toy for the game had been the trigger that got her out of knees and into a building fit of rage, as punching walls grew into her incessant screaming at her lucky bastard of a boyfriend.

Finally at her limit, she fell to her knees and screamed her lungs out.

Kids had already been shot, a bomb around her neck, no idea where she was, so close to not being a part of it, not knowing if she’d ever get to go home again; she screamed.

The wrench found itself crashing through a nearby display window.

“Ah shit.” She whispered, eyes fresh with tears, getting back to her feet. She had to be careful when she fished her wrench back out; there was broken glass everywhere, didn't want to cut herself, that'd sting. “Shit…” she whispered again.

She wiped her eyes, teeth gritting, wrench back in hand.

What was going to happen to her?
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