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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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The gun was still pointed at Rebecca. Sam let go of the gun. It was the only way things could go smoothly at that point.

Renee so desperately wanted to shoot Rebecca right then, but Sam was in the way. Renee really hoped that Rebecca would get what was coming to her really soon.

Not to mention the fact that Sam was now bleeding from a shoulder wound that probably disabled that whole arm. He would've been useless in a fight. She hoped the shoulder wound wasn't fatal.

It was a good ruse, though. Make Rebecca think she had the upper, or at least equal hand. That would definitely even out the playing field.

Hell, that would probably be a good time to shoot out her legs or something, when she's distracted by the empty shotgun.

Renee pointed her MP5 at the archer's legs. When she was far enough away from Sam, she'd disable her legs then take her weapons and supplies. That sounded like a plan, right?
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