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Oh that asshole just had to ask, didn't he? Of course she wanted the shotgun. That's why she was grabbing it. If she had let go of it she could have been beating him with both hands, but no, the shotgun was more important. It evened her out with Renee, near her, and with the boy from the house on the first day. Was he even alive anymore? Rebecca wasn't sure what his name was. Maybe he was alive.

She put her other hand on the shotgun. She would fight for it, and she would win it. She wasn't here to lose. No, if she lost now that would make it all worthless. It would be like all the people she hurt didn't matter. In a twisted, fucked up way, her continuing to live made their deaths mean something.

No, she couldn't afford to think about that. She could feel the guilt building in her mind when she thought of that. Knew it could make her give up, make her lose the grip on the shotgun. Make her lose.

She gave the shotgun another tug.
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