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(Rebecca Clark continued from Hate the Living, Love the Dead)

Rebecca was feeling drained again. Her knee and hip were aching again, in addition to all her other bruises. If this had been her normal life, she would have gone to the doctor. Well fucking obviously, she had buckshot in her hip. Then, she probably would have lain around for a few days.

Not an option here. The only option left was to get rid of the others so she could get out. Besides, it wasn't like anyone at this point would give her any other choice. She had checked a few more houses near the saloon. No one in them. The whole idea of searching the town for her enemies wasn't going so well. Maybe she should just hole up by herself for awhile...

The pain in her hip burned hotter for a moment. Not an option. She knew that her pants scraping against the wound had made it bleed a bit more earlier. And then there was infection. She had no idea if she had cleaned it right.

She had to find people, before she got injured worse.

The streets were empty and boring. The houses she opened were empty. Maybe she should head to the general store she had seen the first day. She felt a burn like bile in the back of her throat. No, Vienna was there with that arrow in her. She didn't want to revisit that scene. The first time she had killed someone.

She started to pass through a nearby alley when she heard voices nearby. Now what could she do here?
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