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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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(Renee Murphy continued from Breaking Point)

Sam seemed like he was walking in a daze. Renee had no idea what to do. Delilah was dead, there was that, but the announcements just made it seem worse. Amelia was dead now, committed suicide. For some reason, Renee saw that one coming.

Benny, Anton, Mike. Also dead. Brian was responsible for that last one. He'd get what was coming to him soon. The killers were dying though, but Rebecca seemed to still elude getting killed. Renee was getting worried about her. And then there was Leo.

Renee followed Sam into the Ghost Town, pretty much the only safe place now that the Sheriff had warned them off of everywhere else. She was letting Sam lead, as usual. Renee found it funny that she'd somehow survived this long while following other people and not going off on her own. She'd believed the opposite when she first woke up.

Sam stopped. He glanced back at her and asked her what she didn't want to hear. "What now?"

Renee didn't know. There didn't seem to be much in the way of things to do at this point. Delilah was dead. Sam's only pupose in this wasteland was gone. Of course, there was that other thing they could always do.

"Survive," she said, gripping Julia's gun tighter than she ever had. "We're going to survive. Then we'll see what happens." Well, she hoped that could happen at any rate.
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