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((Samuel Wilson continued from Breaking Point))

They'd made it to the Ghost Town again. They'd had to; apparently it was the only place still open. The Sheriff had announced the deaths - Sam had pretty much just tuned it out this time. All he needed to know he knew.

Killers, killed. Delilah was in there somewhere. He remembered faintly that Leo had something to do with her death. What was he supposed to do with the information? Take revenge? Kill him? Leo could have been doing the same thing, taking revenge on Delilah for killing someone he knew.

It didn't really matter. Sam was too tired to try to comprehend Leo's motives. He wasn't going to hunt him down. He'd been trying to stop the killing, at least as far as he was able. He'd failed. Nothing would bring Delilah back, or any of her victims, or any of his classmates that had died through other means. Suicide, at Rebecca or Simon's hands, it didn't matter. They were just... gone.

Sam led their way into the town. Him and Renee. He was only leading due to the fact that he was in front. Still going through the motions of leadership, as if he had some semblance of purpose. At least for now, he could pretend.

He scanned the streets, slowly, the false fronted buildings with the blasted saloon somewhere among them, the piano that he'd given up the chance to play.

Sam glanced back at Renee. It was almost a practiced movement at this point. His muddled brain forced some words into his mouth, and he spat them out.

"What now?"

He said it as if they had a choice.
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