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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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Sam's anger seemed to cover the ranch in a strange aura. His screams pierced through the whole place, startling Renee. She rushed over to the stables and saw him.

He was on his knees. Fists clenched in rage. A look of uncontrollable agony was on his face. Also on the floor was a body covered by a blanket. Delilah and dead.

Renee's heart had nearly stopped when he saw Sam. She had feared that Delilah would hurt Sam, physically. She feared that Delilah would kill him. She hadn't dared to think about what might happen to Sam if he saw her, lifeless and cold. She hadn't ever seen Sam like this before. She could never place a look of anger on that face of his, on the face of the good, nice boy from Alderbrook.

Looking at that dead body then, its lifeless eyes staring up, Renee remembered the old Delilah Rivers. The kindly little French-Canadian girl. Not the crazed murderer that Renee had imagined in her mind. Not the one that killed Richard and Patrick and Amanda. No, this one was a human being.

And she was dead, and she might be taking Sam with her.

Renee didn't know what to do. She felt her chest hurting. In a vain attempt to control the pain, she grasped her chest. Her eyes felt wet. She saw what this place could do to people. She didn't need to see any more. Controlling her tears this time, she slumped against the doorframe of the stables to keep her balance.

"Sam..." she managed to say.

What else was there to say? They had failed. Their whole mission was a bust from the beginning. Delilah was dead. No coming back from that. Now, she feared for Sam and what he might do. There must be something she could do, but for the life of her, she didn't know.
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