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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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Renee gulped down the rest of the water bottle. She didn't know why she did that. There should've been a need to conserve food and water, but that didn't exist right then. Somehow, she knew that this whole thing was coming to a close very soon. Renee tossed the bottle away.

Sam was back. Walking out of the house, he said that Delilah wasn't there. He was going to check the stables to see if he could find Delilah. He asked her if she was alright.

"I'm good," Renee said, still sitting on the ground. Then she added, "Be careful, Sam."

Renee eyed her MP5. It looked a little worn, probably because Julia Wilson had already fired the thing. Julia seemed like such a long time ago. Yet, it was only yesterday. Renee shuddered slightly. People were dying too quickly in this place.

She needed to be on her guard. She stood up, dusted herself off, and gripped her MP5. Making sure that she and Sam lived; well, that was a worthwhile mission, right?
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