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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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"Yeah. Sorry if I seemed a bit insistent, I just... I don't want you getting yourself killed, okay?" Renee rubbed her eyes. "I'll just.. stay right here." She sat down on the ground. It felt good, after all that walking. She just hoped there weren't any bugs.

"Yell if something happens," Renee said, inexplicably. She looked down at the ground, wondering just where that phrase had come from and why it sounded so familiar. Looking at the house, she suddenly remembered.

"Keep that safe for me, okay? I'll be right back. Yell if something happens and I'll be right back."

Brian. Back when he wasn't so bad, when Vivian was still there to make him slightly less insane. He was out there, killing. At this point, Renee wouldn't have hesistated calling him an evil son of a bitch. She understood perfectly his need to win and get back home, but he lacked so much in morals. How had she not seen this back at Alderbrook?

It's just like that, Renee. You didn't see; in fact, nobody saw. Part of you wonders how people can do this, yet another part understands completely. People are complicated, and sometimes someone you thought you knew could scare you to death. Brian did. And Vivian and Julia and Delilah. How long is it until I break? Have I, already?

She looked at the doorway that Sam had entered, the same one she'd kicked open to confront Brian and Vivian. Sam. Renee thought that she'd made up her mind about him. He was a good person, probably one of the best she'd known. But she didn't know him that well. And sometimes good people could go too far, too.

How far would he go for Delilah? To death?

Renee shook her head. These sorts of things made her head hurt. She pulled out a water bottle from her bag and started gulping it down. She needed a break from this.
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