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Sam hesitated for a moment. He thought they had talked about this. Hadn't Renee said she'd try not to get involved when they found Delilah? He didn't want Renee or Delilah to get hurt. He didn't want Delilah to run away again.

He was starting to feel like Renee didn't trust him. Okay, maybe that wasn't completely true, or trust was the wrong word. What she said now made sense as well, but Sam was sure he could handle the situation if it was Delilah he was dealing with.

"I don't want an argument either, Renee," he said. "I didn't mean for you to leave completely, just- fine. Yeah. Just try to stay farther away from the windows, okay?"

Sam stood there for another moment, slowly drumming his fingers against the wooden face of the ranchhouse. Sturdy. It had substance. Not like the crumbling, decaying wooden crates in the mines. Not like the splintered wooden wreck of the saloon. This was good wood, good solid stuff.

He wondered how long it would stay that way.

As he started to head into the house, Sam turned back one last time. "Don't worry."
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