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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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Renee was back at the ranch, a place that only held bad memories. That was funny, actually. "Bad memories" was how Vivian would've described the place, too. She saw the door that she kicked open and the barn that Brian had his talk with Vivian in. She remembered being a bit too naive to realize how dangerous he might get. Renee didn't want to think about that anymore, and she refocused her attention on Sam, who was currently telling her she should leave.

"And if you can't find me?" Renee asked. Her eyes closed in at Sam, wondering just how exactly he intended to justify asking her to leave at the moment that they'd both had been waiting for.

"I'm not leaving," Renee said. "We talked about this in town. You know how dangerous it might be if Delilah sees anyone. She could attack you or worse. Unless you want that to happen, I sincerely hope that you let me stay."

This was going to be hard once again, she realized. It was becoming increasingly obvious to Renee that Sam's quest for Delilah wasn't really about finding her and helping her. That might have been part of it, but it was secondary. It was really about Sam's need to do something morally right, something that mattered. There was absolutely nothing wrong with that, but Renee knew that sometimes a person could go too far and risk too much.

She knew a few cases where that had happened.

She sighed and faced Sam. "Listen, I don't want an arguement. I just want to make sure that you don't get hurt. If Delilah is in there, you might want to consider some insurance." Renee raised her MP5, which was feeling awfully heavy. "I'll stay outside of the house and wait for you. If I hear any sounds of struggling, I'm coming in."

Renee tried to make that sound stubborn. She didn't want Sam making her leave now, not after what they talked about in town. Not then, not now.
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