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The situation was uncomfortable. Apparently Renee and Brian had some previous history. Something about Vivian's death, something about a favor. Petty jabs, implications. Nothing Sam wanted to get involved with. He felt pretty too far involved already, as it was. He still had Delilah to find.

Sam edged a little backwards, trying to keep his eyes on both Brian and Amelia at the same time. The former was more of a threat, but the latter... was she moving? He could have sworn he saw her move for a second.

Maybe she had, maybe she hadn't. He let it slide. No need to call her out, raise the tension, not when the stakes were so high. He needed to stay alert, and right now, Brian was the priority.

"Let's calm it down here," Sam muttered, his shotgun pointing at Brian's feet. "Dead or not, we've all got other stuff we still have to do."
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