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The ghost of a feeling flickered over Brian's face as Renee accused Brian of getting Vivian killed. His smile slowly began to crumble under the weight of that accusation, under the weight of what she truly believed. Who cared if she didn't want to sleep with him anymore? Women were a fickle lot, Brian had always expected that from them, it was why he kept so many around. She probably felt powerful by declaring it to him now.

From the corner of his eye he saw the other girl move. Part of him didn't know if he wanted to keep an eye on her to make sure she didn't kill Renee or Sam, or let them learn. He decided on the latter, looking up at Renee, trying to remain calm.

"I didn't get Vivian killed, Rebecca killed Vivian, or did you forget about how prolific she is?"

He didn't understand why seeing the disgust on her fact bothered him so much. He had offered to protect her, didn't she see that?

"Vivian killed Vivian, perhaps, if you want to look at it that way, but I did not get her killed. But perhaps you are right. I don't belong in this little discussion."

Why was he mad? He could feel it pressing against the back of his eyes.

"I've been searching for Rebecca, her and I need to have a little chat. I'm not in the habit of interviewing people before I kill them like you two seem to be."

It was an awkward tableau to Brian, two against one, and the other girl looked cornered. What else could they possibly be doing? He gritted his teeth, still looking at Renee. His shotgun wasn't up yet, he didn't feel as though it had to be, why dig himself deeper? Renee had a gun.

"You think I'm so terrible because I've pulled a few triggers. You. When you were more than happy to have me do it for you, if I remember properly, darling. Is it because you found someone else who would shoot where you point, instead of on their own?"

His eyes skittered over to Sam, then back to Renee.

"We're all dead, sugar. Everything else is just packaging."
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