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“So the Sheriff says kill and you kill? Is that what everyone’s doing now?”

Amelia thought about that for a moment, rotating the knife in her hand as she did so. Sam had a point. This was all due to the Sheriff, wasn’t it? He was the one that said someone’d get out alive if they were the only one left. How was Amelia to know if he was lying or not? For all she knew, he could be planning on killing every last person out here.

No… I can’t think like that. Not when I’ve come this far, and done what I’ve done. He has to be telling the truth… Anyway, there’s nothing else I could have done. I could have wandered around avoiding killing before getting picked off myself, tried to escape, and that went so well, or… or do what I did…

Amelia was about to vocalise her answer to Sam and Renee, when a fourth person appeared from the maze of cacti. Holding a shotgun, clapping, and with a familiar smug grin on his face. Brian fucking Larke. Even on a good day, Amelia would have hated to see him, as in her mind, he was pretty much the biggest, assholeish tool in the whole of Alderbrook. At least then, though, he was predictable and fairly harmless. But here, he’d killed too. If he was doing anything along the lines of what Amelia was aiming for-God, she hated associating herself with him-he’d be planning on killing again. But right now, his aims were unknown. He was currently an enigma, and Amelia didn’t like that in the slightest.

Before Amelia could, basically, tell Brian to fuck off, Renee did the job for her. Apparently she’d been with Brian when he’d killed Eoin. Amelia simply settled for gripping the knife tighter, and pointing it at Brian. She slowly edged towards her bag and pickaxe. She could make a run for it now. Sam and Renee were both focused on Brian.

But Brian had his eye on all of them, and Amelia knew that, the moment her back was turned, he’d most likely shoot her. Besides, despite her plan, which she repeated over and over in her head, the plan Sam hadn’t managed to dislodge from her mind yet, Amelia felt a sense of loyalty towards Sam and Renee. Maybe it was because they’d spared her life, and she wasn’t about to let them get killed. Whatever. Amelia simply stayed to the side, quiet, waiting for the next move.
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