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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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Of course.

Of course, Brian, of all people, had to show up here. It's not like Renee was having enough trouble as it was. No, Brian Larke the killer, Brian Larke the murderer, had to appear out of nowhere. That was the second time that happened. Was he stalking her or something?

Renee had absolutely no qualms about raising her MP5 at Brian. At least Renee had been right. This was going to be very interesting.

"Brian," she said tentatively. "You're not coming any further." Renee furrowed her brow. This wasn't going to end well, she could tell. Just like Julia Wilson. "Stay back or I will shoot. Don't think I won't, Brian. Not after you killed Eoin and got Vivian killed."

Once again, Renee felt weird talking like that. Like this was some sort of dream that wasn't meant to be happening. Some horrible nightmare in a spaghetti western that went too far. But this wasn't a dream. Vivian proved that. Julia proved that. So did Brian.

Renee gripped her MP5 tight, aiming at Brian, the afternoon sun making her feel very hot at that moment. Renee had noticed that Sam had glanced at her, perhaps trying to tell her something without saying anything. Maybe to just get out of there? No, too late for that now.

"And don't even bother calling in that favor I owed you. That deal was off the moment I left you and Vivian." Of course, Renee had to mention that. She had a feeling that Brian would mention it at some point.
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