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Amelia gave her reason. Of course, they all wanted to live. For some of them, killing others was the way to go about achieving that. Sam understood, but didn't understand, all at the same time.

The fear, he could understand. The feeling that everyone was about to turn on you, shoot you, steal your stuff - that's why he'd become reserved, unwilling to trust. That's why Delilah had killed Richard. Killing was an overreaction, not justifiable, but understandable. But to just shoot someone who had given you no offense down in cold blood because it could have a chance at furthering your life... that Sam couldn't understand. The Sheriff had made no promises.

"So the Sheriff says kill and you kill?" Sam said, quietly. "Is that what everyone's doing now?"

And then, Brian Larke, emerging out of nowhere, with a shotgun, clapping. Another threat. He was a killer too.

Sam could feel his hand twitching on his own shotgun. Things were getting more complicated than he was comfortable with. If Brian made to shoot, Sam could probably get a shot off. But at what cost? Cutting and running seemed like a better and better solution every second. He shot another glance at Renee - as furtively as he could - as if to somehow convey that.
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