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Instantly, Renee’s gun was up, pointed directly at Amelia, and she knew that this was the end. Nothing she could say would save her. She’d gone and killed someone, and she was paying for it now with her own life. Goddamnit. Everything I’ve done… was completely pointless. Amelia closed her eyes, and waited for the gunshot, blocking out everything but her own thoughts.

When the shot never came, Amelia tentatively opened one eye. Neither Sam nor Renee were pointing their weapons at her. In fact, Sam was trying to talk to her.

“We’ve got to… we need to talk.”

It took a few moments for Amelia to comprehend what Sam was saying. She’d fully expected to die here, and the honest part of her knew that she deserved it. But Sam and Renee had spared her life, at least for the moment. Amelia felt like crying, not out of fear this time, but out of relief. They were letting her live, giving her another chance. In the back of her mind, though, Amelia had the unpleasant reminder of what she’d done to Tania, and the fact that, if she wanted to get out of here alive, she’d have to do the same to Sam and Renee.

That’s… wait, that’s probably what they’re here for right now, isn’t it?

Sure enough, as if she could read Amelia’s thoughts, Renee asked the question. Why had she killed Tania? It was a simple enough question. And the answer seemed easy, on the surface. But underneath the surface was a whole web of different reasons for why she’d resorted to killing. There was desperation after the failed escape plan, anger at her classmates for killing her friends, blind faith in this “Sheriff”, that if she was the last one alive, she’d go free.

What could she say though? Not one part of her thought process truly justified Tania’s murder. Amelia sighed, and closed her eyes. The best thing to say, I guess, would be the one thing that I’ve been following all this time.

Amelia opened her eyes and spoke. “All right… I… I killed Tania because I wanted to live. Because her being dead gives me a better chance of getting out of here alive.” Amelia looked down at the floor now. “I… I didn’t enjoy it, if you’re wondering, but… there’s nothing else I can do…”
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