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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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As soon as Amelia said something, the MP5 went up. It remained up until Renee realized what Amelia was saying.

"Oh," Renee said. "Sorry, sorry." The gun arm went down but Renee felt that glance coming from Sam. "And, yeah. We're not going to shoot."

Renee didn't know why she was getting jumpy all of a sudden. Things didn't feel as hopeful as it had been when she'd first set out with Sam. Then again, Renee had been in a situation like this before. Two people with weapons cornering a potentially unstable girl. It was eerily similar to the situation in the forest. And that ended with Vivian becoming a killer, Brian Larke gaining a thirst for killing, and left Julia Wilson dead. In fact, the last thing that needed to happen to perfectly mirror that incident in the forest is if someone with a gun just came out of nowhere.

Well. Hopefully, things weren't going to go as badly. After all, Sam was here, wasn't he? Right, but he's looking for Delilah Rivers. You know, the one that killed Patrick and Amanda. That's going to end with someone dying. And what are the odds that Sam Wilson will be able to pull the trigger against Delilah?

Renee cleared her throat and faced Amelia. "Okay. We're going to try and be diplomatic here. We know that you killed Tania Chell. All we want to know is why."

Truth be told, Tania Chell was one of those loners that seemed to crop up around Alderbrook a lot. Like Julia Wilson and Cameo Conroy. And she was dead. Renee didn't know what to think of that, but hopefully Amelia had only killed her in self-defense. It wouldn't be unimaginable, after all, being a loner and everything.

God, what was she thinking? Hoping that someone had violent intentions so that dealing with her killer would be easier? Renee sighed mentally. This was going to be a very lousy day.
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