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Amelia had cut half way into the bread for another slice when she heard something from nearby. She froze instantly, removing the knife and holding it close to her chest, letting the bread fall to the ground. She wasn’t sure where the noise had come from. Amelia looked up, and looked around. Although the cacti were numerous, they were still too spread out to be effective cover. Amelia couldn’t see anything. Cautiously, she picked the bread up again, still keeping the knife close.

Okay, no. There was definitely someone there, someone close by. Amelia heard snippets of conversation, scuffling of feet. Whoever it was was obviously trying to keep quiet, but that was difficult when the only other sound in the vicinity was the wind. Amelia felt like a complete idiot. She was sitting in the middle of an open clearing, for God’s sake! Jesus, girl, you wanna stay alive or not? Cause the way you’re going around right now, you’re not lasting until tomorrow.

Amelia couldn’t spend too long mentally berating herself, though. There was something nearby, and Amelia guessed it was a person. She hadn’t seen any wildlife around, after all. And if it was a person, she had no idea what their intentions were. Was it someone harmless, who’d just stumbled upon her? Was it one of Amelia’s friends? Or was it someone like Delilah or Simon, looking for another victim?

Well, there’s only one option now, isn’t there? Here… here goes nothing…

Amelia quickly stood up and spun round to face the source of the noise. She held the knife tightly in her hand, still keeping it close to her. As it turned out, there were two people in front of her. Samuel Wilson and Renee Murphy. Both of them were friendly people, or at least, they had been back in Alderbrook, not that that was important right now. What was important, however, was that they were both holding guns.

Amelia froze for a second time. She was facing two people with guns, and all she had was a fucking knife. The pickaxe was propped up against her bag, only a few metres away, but to Amelia it seemed miles. They… they must have heard on the announcements about… me… Oh God… they’re… They’re going to kill me, aren’t they?

She was going to die. She was going to die. She’d killed someone, and it had been for nothing. They were going to shoot her, right here and now, and she was going to die. Could she do anything? She couldn’t see what. There wasn’t really much she could defend herself with, verbally or physically. If she charged them, she’d be shot down instantly. She guessed she could say something, try and persuade them, but what? Before she realised it, Amelia started speaking.

“Oh… Please… Please don’t shoot…” It sounded pathetic coming from Amelia, but she had no idea what else to say.
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