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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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(Renee Murphy continued from While Rome Burns)

Renee trudged behind Sam the whole way from the town. Occasionally, Sam would look behind to check to see if she was still there, but there was little interaction between the two aside from that. As they neared an area with cacti and the day reached noon, Renee heard the Sheriff's voice again.

And... shit. Brian killed Eoin. Vivian was dead, killed by Rebecca of all people. This place really wasn't playing nice, was it? Renee gritted her teeth. Pepper, Martin, and Roy were dead now. Holly, of all people, killed them but Leo Raclaw killed her. Delilah killed Amanda Clearwater. That was three now. Sam wasn't going to take that well.

As much as Renee wanted to be surprised, she found that she had been expecting this to happen for some time. She knew that Brian would kill. She knew that Brian and Vivian would get in over their heads. But it didn't have to be so soon, did it? And the others? Leo and Holly, she didn't expect. But, like she had said previously, it didn't take a lot to break people these days.

Still, one thing surprised Renee. Cameo Conroy wasn't in the list of dead. Someone must have found her, aided her, kept her alive. Renee felt like sighing in relief. At least she wasn't responsible for Conroy's death. One ounce of good news in a ton of bad. But Renee took all the good news she could get.

With the sun now at its brightest, Renee and Sam reached the cactus patches. He seemed to recognize the place. Had he been here before? She didn't have time to dwell on it, though, as Sam pointed out that Amelia Lennon was now in front of them. She'd killed hadn't she? Stabbed Tania Chell with a pickaxe. That wasn't good.

"I know Amelia," Renee said. "She was pretty friendly back home but, well, Tania's dead now because of her." Renee scratched her head. "How about we try talking to her, Sam? Diplomacy hasn't always worked in my favor, but it's worth a try, at least. Let's just hang back a bit with our guns just in case she tries anything." Renee raised her MP5 for emphasis.

Well, this was certainly going to be interesting, if nothing else.
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