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((Amelia Lennon continued from Anyone out there?))

For the second time in two days, Amelia woke up in a completely strange and unfamiliar place. Rather than a bed this time though, she was lying on the ground, face down, although to her relief it was on grass, rather than sand and dirt. She didn’t for a moment believe that she was still back at home, however. Amelia could feel the cuts all over her, the weight of the bag on her back and the knife in her pocket. The vision of Tania’s face in her mind, always there.

Amelia managed to lever herself up, with some difficulty, as she felt surprisingly weak. After a couple of attempts, she managed to get into a seated position, both legs outstretched. Glancing around, Amelia noticed two major things. One, her pickaxe was lying nearby, propped up against a cactus. Two, the cacti themselves. They were pretty much literally everywhere, completely surrounding Amelia. She remembered seeing something about a cactus patch on the map. That must have been what happened. I must have left the town and headed for here, then… passed out, I guess.

Before Amelia could contemplate her current situation any more, a familiar screeching sound, and then a familiar southern voice came echoing through the fields of cacti. The announcements. It seemed only moments ago that Amelia had heard the first set. She was more prepared this time, or so she hoped. The Sheriff quickly got down to the list of deaths, and Amelia listened intently.

Rebecca was the first person to have killed. At least she was surviving. Shortly afterwards, Amelia heard Tania’s name getting called out, and mentally prepared herself for what was coming next. The description of what exactly had happened, and the mentioning of her own name, brought the image of Tania’s face back to the forefront of Amelia’s mind again. Clutching her head, Amelia screwed her eyes shut again, forcing the image out of her head, just in time to hear the next name called. Rebecca, again. The victim, this time, was Alex. Alex from theatre, violin playing Alex. Amelia was reminded of how she’d first met the guy, after hearing him play in the auditorium at school. Half-jokingly, she’d asked whether he knew how to play anything by Rage Against the Machine. When he said no, for whatever reason she’d gone off to grab her guitar and play a couple songs. And now he was dead and gone. Amelia felt her eyes begin to well up, but hurriedly wiped them with her sleeve. Crying could wait until later. Crying could wait until it was all over.

Amelia didn’t really listen for a good portion of the announcement, until she heard that Rebecca had killed again. Amelia felt a mixture of feelings at the news. On one hand, it was another classmate dead, and the fact that that was actually happening just made Amelia feel… hollow. On the other hand, another classmate down meant she was one step closer to getting out herself, as was Becky. That one point lead to what Amelia probably would have called Point Addition Number One Part A, if she had been back at school or at home. There was a definite possibility that she and Rebecca would both survive until the very end. What then? What would they do then? And what if it was another of Amelia’s friends, like Katie? Would she be able to kill them?

Amelia was so preoccupied in her own thoughts, she didn’t realise that the announcement had actually finished. She didn’t hear the danger zone locations, so couldn’t panic, and didn’t realise that she’d only just escaped from one in time. Instead, Amelia stretched her arms, and managed to get into a standing position. She felt oddly weak and empty, not just from the previous announcement. It took several seconds for Amelia to realise that she hadn’t had anything to eat since… well, around this time yesterday. Amelia sat back down, removing her bag from her back and opening it, looking through for some food. There were two packets of unrecognisable and unappetising looking meat, as well as some spam, which Amelia knew first hand tasted worse than the other meat looked. Amelia took out a loaf of bread and the tub of cornflakes. I guess this is it, then… God, this is fucking dire… wish I had some milk to go with these cornflakes… Although, I guess that’s probably the least of my worries right now…

Amelia took the Bowie knife from her pocket, and used it to cut two slices off of the end of the bread, which she quickly wolfed down. The bread was dry and rock-hard, but it was food, and that was the important thing. She didn’t want to die out here, and she especially didn’t want to because of starvation.
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