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Vivian had been saying something, tugging at his arm, he wanted to push her away, tell her hold on, baby, not now, we can talk later, I promise. Always later. Didn't she understand what was happening? Didn't she know what was going on?

It was pandemonium and he was its king. Didn't she want to be queen?

He looked over at Rebecca. Fucking Rebecca, holding that fucking bow and arrow of all things. Was she pointing it at him? Did she really expect that she would be able to kill him?

No, but she loosed it anyway, didn't she. He stared at her, face impassive.

Do you really think you can kill me with that? His face seemed to say....

Until Vivian slumped against him.


Vivian with her glass eyes that reminded him of when he looked in the mirror sometimes.


Not her.

There wasn't time to say anything and what was he going to say? He had told her enough. Now she was nothing but dead weight clinging to his arm and he wanted to shove her to the ground and at the same time keep her there forever, because shoving her to the ground would be admitting to himself that she was actually gone. Vivian could not be gone. He was not done with her yet. He had not allowed her to go...He...he wasn't done.

But not. Her. He raised his gun to tell Rebecca just what he thought of her now, of all of those hollow kisses he had given her until that girl from before, and that girl from the floor decided to make themselves known by rushing him. Really? Of all the things.

"Jesus Christ," he murmured. "Where are you all coming from?"

Regretfully, he shook his arm free of Vivian's corpse, trying not to wince as she hit the ground and raised his shotgun once more, firing off one clean shot at the girl. The recoil was fine this time, it supported him like he had supported Vivian in her last moments.

Hopefully he had gotten this one.

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