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Sam let out a breath. A long breath, as he considered it all. All of Renee's heartfelt entreaties, all his own reasons and emotions and-

"I can't stop you."

He was turned almost sideways to her, issuing his words to the empty air.

"I won't stop you. If you want to follow me, then it'll happen."

His feet were moving, heading out the saloon doors. His right hand lifted off the shotgun and pushed one of the doors open. Sam could feel the hot breeze blowing across the streets as the sun ascended towards noon.

"There'll be other people, set on less dangerous stuff. If you do decide to follow me, then we'll talk again when we find those groups." It was the most responsibility he feel like he could take at the moment. He didn't want another situation like Clair's death. That's just the way it was.

He stepped out into the streets.

((Samuel Wilson continued in Far From Home))
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