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Oh, come on.

"No," Sam shot back.

Hadn't he told himself that he was going to try to keep people safe? Hadn't he told Delilah and Clair he was going to gather a group? Hadn't he considered the option of breaking out of this place? For that he'd need allies, friends.

But he'd realized something earlier - that that wasn't feasible, because he needed to find Delilah first.

Renee had good intentions, he was sure, but that'd get her killed.

"Look, she's afraid. You've got two guns. She doesn't know you. What do you think's going to happen?" One of the packs slipped slightly on his shoulder, but he ignored it. "If I get killed, I'm going to get killed on my own, on my own terms."

Sam paused.

"You're a good person. You should stay alive. That's why you're not coming."
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