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Renee was able to smile while Sam comforted her. It felt good, to hear him say such hopeful things. She hadn't heard hope in a while. The only other things she'd heard were the musings of mad people. Including her own musings. Sam was going to be a good ally. Maybe they would make it, maybe they wouldn't. But Sam was right, they'd better make their stay count or it'll all have been for nothing.

"I need to find Delilah."

Renee's smile disappeared.

No. That was not good. Renee found herself in that situation again, where a friend had said something completely unreasonable. Something completely nonsensical.

"Sam..." she said hesitantly. "Delilah Rivers is a killer. You saw her; she killed Richard Ormsby. I realize that it was probably in self defense but... she killed Patrick Reynolds, too. Patrick would never hurt anyone. What reason could Delilah have to kill him?"

Renee furrowed her brow. This was going to be difficult. She'd been in this situation before, with Vivian. She went off on her own, not listening to Renee. That's why Julia was killed. If Vivian had just listened, then that might not have happened.

And now, Renee realized that Delilah was becoming like Vivian. A good person that just snapped becuse they couldn't take it anymore. Renee gulped and she could feel herself beginning to sweat.

"Sam, if you're trying to help her, I suggest you don't. If you're hunting her down, that's even worse. Just leave it. I'd rather not have a murderer at my back or my front."

Renee left that hanging a minute. She felt uncomfortable as all hell right there, calling Delilah a murderer. It just didn't sound right. But she killed Patrick. Patrick was Renee's friend and she was pretty sure that he knew Sam, too. It was too... wrong to be looking for a girl this dangerous.

But Renee still had a question to ask. She realized that Sam hadn't mentioned Delilah at all when he was explaining what happened to him. "Sam... why are you looking for Delilah?"
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