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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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The shotgun pointed upwards, toward Renee. She couldn't say she was surprised. People would be paranoid in this situation. Of course they would. But Sam was a nice guy, he wouldn't shoot her even if it was on reflex. It just wasn't in him.

Of course, it also wasn't in Vivian to throw a tomahawk at someone. Nor was it in Simon Mattheson to start shooting people.

"What's been going on for you?"

"That's the question, isn't it?" Renee walked over next to Sam and sat on one of the stools still left. She put the submachine gun on the edge of the counter. She didn't feel like holding it right then. She laid her head down on the counter, trying to keep Danielson's dead body out of sight. After a minute, she faced Sam.

"I feel... I don't know. I don't know how I feel right now. I woke up in the train station, I encountered Julia Wilson. You know, that loner fashion model? She seemed to think the whole thing was a game, just some reality television show. I left her alone. Then I found Brian Larke and Vivian Cathwell. They seemed pretty okay at the time. But then Vivian killed Wilson in the forest and I... well, I didn't want to have them at my back anymore."

Renee didn't know why she was suddenly telling Sam what happened. She knew that she shouldn't trust him, or anyone. But she found herself talking more.

"And then I found that goth girl, Cameo Conroy, on the ground. Brian and Vivian didn't care; they just walked away. I could have helped her, you know? Patched her up. But I didn't. I ran away. She's probably dead now, actually."

She glanced around the room for a second, silently grateful that Warren's body was out of sight. "And everyone else will be dead too, soon."

Renee rubbed her eyes and sighed. "God, I'm tired. But hey, you probably didn't expect me coming in here and spilling my whole experience on you, right?" Renee chuckled humorlessly. "How's your stay so far?"
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