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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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(Renee Murphy continued from Rebel Without a Clue)

Renee had slept in a ditch somewhere between the chapel and the river. She caught maybe two, three hours of sleep? She didn't know and she didn't feel like sleeping more after a terrible nightmare involving Julia Wilson and a tomahawk. But that was real, wasn't it? Renee ate her breakfast in that ditch, munching on half of some baked bread and downing half of a water bottle. She felt sick, especially after hearing about what happened to her friends.

But she kept walking on, eventually reaching town while holding the submachine gun she got from Julia. She headed into a saloon, hoping to find somewhere she could hole up and find supplies. What she found... wasn't that. Blood was everywhere, the place was wrecked, and on the ground were two, no three, bodies strewn around the place. She recognized the one on the ground as Warren Davies. The other was Kenneth Danielson. She couldn't even recognize the one blown apart.

Renee searched her memory to see if she could remember who did these guys in.

"Simon Mattheson caused some further damage when he attacked a group. He shot Kenneth Danielson and Warren Davies, and somehow Ramona Shirley got blown up in there. Dynamite's a dangerous tool. You have to have respect for your weapons, if you want 'em to do right by you.

Simon Mattheson was the one that killed them. Unbelievable. Renee felt like she should be puking, but managed to hold it in long enough to see that someone else was in the saloon with her.

At the counter of the bar was someone who was very much still alive. Samuel Wilson. Friendly guy, just the type of person she needed right now. Of course, it very much looked like he wanted to be playing the piano while holding a shotgun in a saloon full of dead bodies. Renee still had the logical thought of gripping Julia's submachine gun just a little tighter.

"Hey, Sam," she said. "Er... how are you doing?"

Fantastic greeting, Renee. Next thing you know he'll be playing with his shotgun, not talking to you and thinking it's all a game. Then one of your friends will throw an axe at his neck and he'll be dead. Maybe you should even offer to have sex with him while you're at it?
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