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It struck him then. What was he going to do when he did find Delilah?

There was the other thought, the one that told him that he might not find her at all. He might die. She might die. They might all die. The knot in Sam's gut grew and he pushed the thought away.

But regardless, she was a killer - two times, now. She'd killed Patrick. Probably out of fear, but he wasn't sure.

Well, then, he'd just have to find her. Calm her down. Tell her what Clair said. Neutralize the threat that she posed to others. Try to keep people safe, as much as he could, until rescue came. That was the plan. It could work.

Sam knew that probably wasn't viable. He'd already lost a lot of classmates. There was no telling how many more would be lost by the time rescue came, if rescue came. The more that died, the more desperate the rest would get.

He was sure he could calm down Delilah. He'd known her at school, he'd helped her in this wasteland. It had to count for something. The others he'd known at school, but... he didn't know if he could trust them.

He didn't want to have to use the shotgun.
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