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-sorry to post in advance of frozensmoke-

Lena wandered in and sat down clutching her chest. The pain was worse now, much worse. The situation has not helped her failing heart. Well she thought it was her failing heart. She was starting to put it together now. She thought she was being attracted to Eoin.

She admitted that she once did have a thing for him but ever since meeting this wonderful strong girl...and then it hit her. She was not attracted to Eoin anymore. She was attracted to Sam!

She wanted to tell her, she knew how dangerous this entire situation was and it may not be a smart idea to form attractions in a game where you had to kill...but she cared not...

She burst into the other room and began to speak "Sam I need to tell you something...I want you, I need you...since being thrown into this situation you have been here for me and Eoin and it makes my failing heart feel light to be around you. Please hold me in your arms. Please stroke my hair. kiss my lips!"

Unfortunately she only got to "Sam I need to tell you something" when she realised she was hugging Eoin. Her heart began to stop at that moment and she fell to the ground and struck her head.

Lena Lazarus

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It's not like its for real or anything, right? · Trading Post
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