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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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Renee looked toward Brian, who was now pointing his shotgun at Julia. Well, at least Renee had predicted correctly that he'd pop up at some point. Renee couldn't say anything to Brian before Julia started talking, once again, about how the whole situation wasn't real. Then she squeezed the trigger on her gun to show that the whole thing really was a charade.


Renee ducked as a hail of bullets flew through the air. She dropped to the ground, covering her head but what good that would do against bullets, she didn't know. Is she insane? Did she not even bother checking to see if the gun was real before firing it at us?

As the bullets stopped firing, Renee looked up. She saw that Julia was now on the ground, eyes fearful at her own gun. Renee got up, glad that Julia was finally understanding just how real their predicament was. Renee looked around for Vivian and Brian to see if they'd gotten hit.

But Renee didn't like what she saw.

As far Brian was concerned, he was fine. But Vivian, she was running toward Julia. She was holding her tomahawk high in the air. Renee caught a glimpse of her eyes and saw how wide they were, how mad they were. She saw how twisted Vivian's expression was. Renee realized what was happening.

"Viv, no! Stop!"

But it was already too late. Vivian brought the axe down on Julia.
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