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Vivian almost didn't recognize the gunshots for what they were.

The muzzle flash almost didn't register in her mind.

The sound of the bullets whizzing around her, hitting the ground around her, were all background noise.

She was already running forward.

Something inside Vivian had snapped, and she was running towards Julia at full speed. She'd tried to kill her. She'd pointed the gun at her. And tried to kill her.

Vivian wasn't even sure whether she'd been hit or not. She didn't care.

"Because this is a game. And I'm pretty sure that if we don't play, we die."

Brian had said that... earlier, at the ranch.

She didn't think it was true, then.

She thought things would work out, that this could all be over without anybody dying. But no. Julia had shot at her and Vivian was in the line of fire and so was Renee and so was Brian...

Oh, god. Brian.

She had closed the distance between herself and Julia. As she looked at the other girl, there was but one thought playing in her head.

"Kill or be killed."

The Sheriff had said that.

"Kill or be killed."

Vivian didn't want to die.


She lifted the tomahawk up...

"...or be killed."

...and swung it down.

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