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Some insane announcement was listing dead people and Brian didn't care. That wasn't nearly as important as what this Julia bitch was doing right now; pointing a gun at them and laughing about how it was fake.

Brian raised his shotgun and took a step forward.

"You keep pointing that gun, sugar, and I'll show you just how real these guns can be," his voice was low, even, and he didn't really want to kill a girl just yet. However this fragile little shit barely counted, and she was laughing and he didn't understand why Vivian or Renee or anyone else was giving her any kind of benefit of any kind of doubt. He walked slowly forward, keeping his eye on the girl. Had they even noticed he was there? Perhaps the whole gun pointed at them thing was a bit more pressing than that.

As the names were listed he didn't care about anyone in particular, Frodo's name was conspicuously absent so it looked as though the gunshot to the leg hadn't done him in yet. Shame. It must have hurt like a bitch. All this proved to him was that people were playing, surprise surprise, Brian Larke was right.

He knew they weren't going to step aside, and he had a feeling that Viv wasn't going to let him go ahead and rip this girl's chest cavity open with his remington, however he kept his gun raised and stood his ground behind them anyway.

Maybe if a couple of eggs were cracked, Vivian would learn that the omelet is necessary.

Honoring the glorious dead:
F26: Maddie Harris: Resident artist.- Seven Unveiled Masterpieces- Death by carelessness
YLW5:Jake Langston:Just a nice guy-No kills- Death by misunderstanding
GLD1:Mae St. Clair -One half of the Golden Couple- One and a half kills- Death by loss of hope
M18: Brian Larke: A horrible human being.- Two kills- Death by just desserts.
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