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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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Julia Wilson laughed at them. She laughed and laughed. She then sarcastially remarked that they were doing a good job at scaring her. Then she started waving her gun around like an idiot. Which she was, if she thought this whole mess they were in was fake.

So, it didn't really come as a surprise that Renee was now aiming her pistol at the model.

What the hell did Wilson think was happening anyway; some kind of TV show? Renee had half the mind to just shoot her in the knees to stop her from doing anything dangerous. Then, a voice came out of nowhere, booming across the forest. It didn't seem to come from anywhere. Must've been speakers in the trees or invisible aircraft or something. Renee started to not care when she realized what it was saying.

It was the Sheriff again. But God did he sound so scary this time, not because of his voice but because of what he was saying. They were the names of her classmates, her friends. Vienna, Patrick, Ramona, Elliot, Bruce; all dead. No, that couldn't be true, could it? They couldn't be dead. They weren't supposed to die yet. And the killers, what about them? She recognized the names. Had people really started playing this game for real?

Focus, Renee, focus. You're no good like this. You knew this was going to happen sooner or later. You didn't need the Sheriff to tell you that...

"Look," she said shakily, "our classmates are dead. Did you hear that? They're dead! Now you put that gun down right now if you don't want to share that fate." Renee's gun arm began to wobble and she tried to steady her aim to no avail. The announcment made her heart beat like it hadn't ever before.

Oh what am I doing? I should just shoot her right now. She's going to die anyway, isn't she? She'll need to if I'm going to survive. Renee looked at Vivan. She thought of Brian and the rest of her classmates, the ones that weren't dead. They were going to die too, weren't they?
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