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"Hey! Don't... don't point that thing!"

Julia had lifted the gun towards them, aiming it at them. Oh god what was she doing? There was... she didn't know the gun was real? She was acting really dangerously.

Then she heard the crackling. Then a voice that was coming from all around them. They... they're announcing the kills?

She listened closely to the announcements, while keeping an eye on Julia.

There were two things that Vivian realized listening to the announcements.

One, people were killing. People were willing to kill and doing so of their own accord.


"Bruce Nightingale was playing with a gun, and when it went off Martha Stock was in the wrong place. Tough luck, cowgirl."

The same thing, the same sort of accident, could very well happen to her.

She shifted slightly.

"You heard him right? The guy playing with the gun? Please, just put it down."

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