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"It is ok. Please don't be scared, Pepper. Je t'apprécie beaucoup."

Delilah smiled when Pepper accepted her hand and gave her a hug, laughing along with her.

She pulled back from her friend, looked at her and watched tears run down Pepper's face. She smiled at her, doing her best to cheer her friend up and gave her another hug. She pulled back again, putting her sword down, away from the bigger girl.

The French girl, took off her newly soaked jacket and wiped the blood from her hands onto it. Carefully, she put her hands up to Pepper's face and gently used her fingers to wipe the tears from her eyes.

Pepper's trembling did not go unnoticed. Delilah knew she was scared, afraid of this whole game, but it was okay now. Delilah understood, she felt the same way. But now they had each other and Delilah was sure to keep her safe from all the crazy people. She knew that Pepper knew that. Still she needed her friend to relax.

With her hands still on Pepper's face, Delilah leaned in and gave a kiss on each of her cheeks and gave one more hug. The same old greeting she'd give to her back home. A little ounce of normalcy was a nice touch. It kept you grounded and god knows, that both Pepper and Delilah needed that after everything that happened. With Patrick, with Richard - it was bound to happen again, Delilah knew it, she had to be careful. Not everyone were good people, like Pepper, like Clair... like Sam.

It was the wrong move, leaving them. They were good people, she could trust them not to hurt her. She had been too emotional back then, but she had some time to think during her walk here. Perhaps it would be a wise decision to go back and look for Sam again. Yeah, it was time to let Pepper know.

"Pepper. We must move on, no? I need to wash up and we should find somewhere we can satisfy our appetites."

Delilah picked up Patrick's bag and her trusty sabre again as she prepared herself for travel, before extending her palm to Pepper once more.

"I know a fine place 'En route by the river."

[[Delilah Rivers Continued To: Devil Nights.]]
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