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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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"Sure, I'll play along. Whaddaya want?"

Before Renee could answer, Vivian questioned her about Julia. It didn't surprise her; they didn't have a lot of chances to talk along the way. Actually, they did. It was just they were too uncomfortable to talk.

"I saw Wilson at the train station. Long story short, she refused to talk to me and I walked away," Renee said to Vivian. Renee looked at Julia again and she trained her eyes on the model. Then Vivian began talking about looking for people and sticking together as if those were the first things on their agendas. No Vivian, it wasn't. It was getting away from the place that made her so upset, the place where Renee and Brian made their little deal. Not that the deal led to anything, anyway.

Whatever. Deal with it later, Renee.

Renee kept looking at Julia. How to deal with the situation, how to deal. She hadn't expected to see Julia Wilson again so soon. How to approach it? Make ammends and get her to join the group? Unlikely, even if they weren't in this situation. But damn, she had to do something, didn't she? Julia would at least prove a distraction to ward away hostile elements or something.

Yeah, Renee'd go with "or something."

"Listen Julia," Renee said careful to keep her gun trained on the ground, "I admit that we probably got off on the wrong foot at the train station. But we can make up, right? Team up, go find a way to survive out here. Sound like fun?"

Renee glanced at the submachine gun again. She shifted her gun arm slightly toward Julia, just in case something went amiss. Nothing serious right now, but if something happened... well, she didn't want to get shot.
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