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"Well, it's about time!"

About time...?

Vivian saw Renee walking in front of her, taking out her gun. Vivian cringed, looking at it, but there was something else she was more concerned with.

The girl, it was definitely a girl, sitting under a tree in front of them. Renee called out to her like she'd met her before, and the way she said the words sounded like the weren't on the best of terms.

"Hey, Renee, you saw her before?" Vivian asked.

She took another look at the girl. Julia Wilson. From what little Vivian knew of her, she was a former child model who had quite the ego. Other than that though...

Julia had asked what they had wanted... or was it what Renee had wanted?

"J-Julia... right? We... uh... we're looking for people. You heard that guy on the train, right? If... if we stick together, you know, there's less of a chance we'll get killed..."

Vivian's voice was scratchy and hoarse, and she didn't sound convincing at all, but she had to know what was up, right? And it made sense, right?

Second Chances V2:
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The afterlife
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